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Welcome to Banjiški and Trnovo Plateau

Plateau will attract you with its authenticity, beautiful nature, hidden nooks and expectations of what comes next for the following ovinkom.Spomladanski bright green tunnels of trees cover cycling and walking routes. Shadows large canopy provide a peaceful refuge from the summer heat. Hiking trails invite you to nearby peaks (Poldanovec - 1303 m, Mrzovec - 1406 m, Golaki - 1495 m) and visitors looking for serious climbs. Fiery autumn colors invite you to walk with us up to the white winter idyll, which again can be put on skis and ski zdrvimo an orderly See Today or rather we enter the long and short-runs need for a carefree gozdu.Pri rise in Pots or keel can tune orglanju wind through the woods, to surrender to soothing greenery diverse landscapes and enjoy the smell of freshly picked wild berries.