The magic world of Banjšice on horseback

If you enjoy peace and the charm of unspoilt nature, then Banjšice is the right choice for you! The Banjšice plateau is the only plateau in Slovenia at which the visitors can admire the beautiful Julian Alps on one side and the magnificent Gulf of Trieste and Slavia Friulana on the other. The lucky ones can also see the ships on the sea! This area is a perfect spot for those who love freedom, the sun and wind as well as blooming meadows and long walks without the fear of losing oneself. Adrenaline lovers can choose among various sports activities (cycling, downhill track), hiking (different difficulty levels), paragliding, spelunking, herb collecting etc. No matter the choice, the magic world of Banjšice will accompany you also on your way down to the valley.

We organise various horse activities:

  1. HORSE HOURS for the youngest ones (from 4 to 8 years)
  2. RIDING COURSE FOR BEGINNERS AND ADVANCED RIDERS (the possibility to take exams Rider 1 and Rider 2 and get a licence for hurdling or horse training)
  3. FIELD RIDING (riding across the beautiful Banjšice landscape - to Sveta gora or other agreed destinations; the possibility of two- or three-day riding tours upon arrangement)
  4. BIRTHDAY PARTIES WITH TRAINED HORSES (according to the client’s wishes)
  5. HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES WITH HORSES (3- or 5-day programme for children)
  6. RIDING AND CREATIVE HOURS FOR THE YOUNGEST (intended for children, a combination of getting to know horses and horse-themed creative activities)
  7. RIDING WEEKENDS (suitable for children, adults and families)
  8. INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMMES FOR CHILDREN (because every child is unique)
  9. Every year we organise EQUESTRIAN GAMES during the Harvest Festival at the last weekend in July. Riders of all ages take part in the games. They compete in show jumping, horseshoe throwing and other funny games.
  10. In December, a traditional HORSE BLESSING is organised in a nearby village. We also organise celebrations for Carnival and Halloween.

All horse activities are organised in cooperation with the instructor Dejan Strgar and his team.
More information:
Dejan Strgar
Banjšice 12
5251 Grgar
Tel. 051 270 118
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.