Hiking trail "Lokve - Poldanovec - Lokve"

Length: 7 - 7.5 km
Duration: 2h - 2h 30 min
Highest point: 1299 m
Trail signs: mountain trail sign

Trail description:
The trail starts in Lokve and slowly ascends along the asphalt road towards Lazna to the second crossroads. There it turns right to a forest macadam road to the pass below Mojski Vrh (1313 m). In north-western direction, the visitors can first see the Poldanovec slope covered with a fir and beech forests and its north-western steep rocky part that continues down to the Trebuša valley. In front of us, there is a deep sinkhole - Mojska draga. After a slight descend, we get to the crossroads which offers two paths to the Poldanovec foothills. We can turn left or decide for a slightly longer path leading straight ahead along the road at the southern part of the sinkhole. In that case we get to the forest hut, go across Poldanovec and make a circle to the same place, walking around Mojska draga.

From the top of Mt. Poldanovec (1299 m), there is a spectacular view in nice weather. However, you should mind your step because the north wall of the mountain is the most daring slope in the Trnovski gozd area.

The path then leads towards the West along the ridge to the forest path and the already mentioned crossroads. From there, continue along the same road back to the starting point.