"Path behind the wall" around Lokve

Length: 7 km
Duration: 2h 30min
Highest point: 1182m
Trail signs: mountain trail sign with the letter “Z”

Trail description:
The Path beyond the Wall is a moderate hiking trail intended for less demanding hikers which runs around the village of Lokve. The major part of the trail goes through a beech forest.

The path can be accessed from many different points. One access point is at Poncala (at the village end which goes in the direction to Predmeja), another is in Cibja vas (at the village end which leads to the village Lazna) or on the summit of Mt. Skok (prior to the descent of the road in the direction to Čepovan).

The path is of historical significance. The authorities put the inhabit-ants of the village of Lokve already in the period prior to World War I in charge of the plots of ground around the village or handed these even over into their ownership. The inhabitants cleaned the area and removed the stones on their plots and, on the boundary line between the private and state plots, a wall came into existence. Forest wardens who then supervised the forest didn’t have the right to walk on private land. But in order to be able to prevent the locals from stealing wood or leaves in the State Forest they walked around the village beyond the wall. This way the path, which has been almost entirely preserved up to the present, came into being. Along the way one can conquer also the 1182 meter high Mt. Škol or Mt. Črni vrh (next to television converter). Not far away from the trail the peculiarity of Lokve, after which the village has also been named, can be visited. Unfortunately this is one of the last still existing cattle ponds – lokev, called “Goveji kal”. The pond can be reached by going along the road in the direction towards Lazna.

SOURCE: TIC Nova Gorica